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Age doesn’t tell who wins a momentous struggle for success. Be inspired of our youth’s stories of determination, of loosing and standing up to own the glory of victory.

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Board of Trustee

imageDenise Lafortune
Chairwoman / Founder

In 2009, after a lot of soul searching, I founded the International Federation of Youth Conquerors Inc. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of young girls and boys, and young adults and families regardless of race creed It is my calling, and now my mission, to teach and learn through counseling. and mentoring My commitment to the International Federation of Youth Conquerors is not only spiritually fulfilling but also inspiring future leaders. I invite and encourage other people to join me in shining their light to brighten the paths of our young people – DL

Denise Lafortune is a counselor, mentor, Entrepreneur, Event Planner & Designer, motivational speaker, published author, Chaplain. She has a Master in arts of Counseling and a Doctorate in Ministry . She was born in Haiti and today, she resides in the South Florida Community.

There is a relatively segment of leaders in the business world , individuals who seem able to build relationships , trust and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people creating partnerships and alliances and motivating forward momentum to “get things done”. Denise Lafortune is one of those people and getting things done and driving results —through collaborations, partnerships and relationships , as a leader for more than 14 years in the community , is what she is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude.

Denise Lafortune characterized by dynamic prayer, powerful worship, and relevant preaching of the word and has encouraged and transformed a lot of hearts. She hosts radio programs and often shares her insights in women’s Ministries. In addition she is passionate about the youth and has tremendous vision to see them excel and build healthier youth Ministry. Her spirituality gives her the peace and empowerment that is reflected in the ideologies of the International Federation of Youth Conquerors (IFOYC). She is currently a support partner at Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) April 18, 2013
Denise Lafortune was named to the Most Powerful List (Mahvrick). Denise’s mission is to provide her peers and children throughout the Southern Florida region information from her experiences in related industries. Denise’s charitable efforts have created educational tools for individuals who want career growth within the fashion industry. The Most Powerful List looks for community leaders such as Denise who are using their influence and resources to help causes that have strong impact initiatives.

One of Most Powerful List’s deciding factors for the nomination to the Most Powerful List was Denise LaFortune’s best selling book, which uncovers her own formula for the challenge of building each other up by loving. “There are reliable tools that can used to create a strong and a healthy relationship, many of which have not been taught in our culture. If you want to have a really strong and healthy relationship, follow these simple guidelines in this book and will be amazed how to discover the secret to livelier, more meaning-filled Relationships,” says Denise LaFortune.

Wallace Thomas, MD
Residency in Internal Medicine with comprehensive training, research and patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, practice-based learning of clinical and diagnostic procedures with an academic perspective.

  • Gold Medal, 2006 Best National Foreign Medical Graduate, Ministry of Public Health, Cuba
  • Selected as most outstanding student at Superior Institute of Medical Science at Santiago de Cuba/Latin-American School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba every year from 2001-2006
  • Recognized as the Best Haitian Graduate Student by the Haitian government in 2005 and 2006
  • Charismatic, licensed primary care physician with extensive knowledge in community-oriented diagnostic and patient-care services in the private and public sectors in Cuba and Haiti from 2006-2010.
  • Inpatient and outpatient experience with exceptional ability to work under pressure.
  • Solid understanding of current principles, methods and procedures of medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of patients in hospitals and in the community with independent problem-solution skills.
  • Experience with disadvantaged populations in Cuba, Haiti, and Florida, U.S.A., in the public and private sector with outstanding interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills with patients and colleagues.
  • Volunteer at community-based free clinic educating and monitoring English, Spanish, and Creole speaking patients about chronic disease self-management, promotion of healthy lifestyle, and monitoring adherence to medications and treatment plans – Florida, U.S.A. 2010 – present
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole and basic command of Portuguese.
  • Patience, resilience, extraordinary dedication and humanitarianism plus genuine commitment to the field of medicine.

Louis Armand Paulin
Chief Financial Officer
Serve as a Chief Financial Officer for a non-profit organization I will bring my duties to real commitment to people and community. (Louis A. Paulin)

Louis A. Paulin has Master’s degree in Economics, September 2001 – August 2004
University of Montreal, 7 years experience in the mortgage industry as lender and insurer,Risk Manager/ Loss mitigation officer, Mortgage Insurance

Genworth Financial Canada
June 2009-Present

Mortgage Underwriter: HSBC Bank, Canada
December 2005- June 2009

Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering
October 1994- July 1999
Faculty of Sciences, State University of Haiti,

Master’s degree in civil engineering (expected in 2014)

Sandra Pilar Cuineme
Moreno, MD

Escuela de Medicina ‘Juan N. Corpas’, Colombia

01/1998 – 12/2003 | M.D., 12/2003

Membership and Honorary/Professional Societies
Association of graduates of Juan N. Corpas School of medicine (asociacion de egresados de la Escuela de Medicina Juan, N. Corpas)

Medical School Honors / Awards
Diploma: Academic excellence to student Sandra PilarCuineme Moreno for her confernce about “primary care for the newborn”, Juan N. Corpas, School of medicine, july 2001

ACLS, Exp. Date 03 / 2014

Wanda Norris
Executive Secretary
Wanda Norris is the daughter of the late Dr. &Mrs Bristow, her father the late T.H Bristow, was an overseas ambassador for the president of the United States. She attended John Wesley College of Greensboro North Carolina and God’s Bible College of Cincinnati Ohio.

Musically gifted, she plays 12 instruments and released CD. Publisher Author, she has a doctorate in Ministry. Bilingual, Wanda speaks Spanish. Although a guest on many televisions shows, she has her own television show in the past___ “Moments of Inspiration with Wanda”.

Her late husband a wonderful man who adored his wife and supported her tremendously in her Ministry, retired from the US Army after 24 years of service.

Richard Victor Mahee
Richard Victor Mahee (Mahvrick), Chief Operating Officer of Eric B Holdings, Inc. focus’ is operations and global strategic development. Since the mid 90′s through 2000′s, Richard has worked in a consulting capacity for Tier-1A Private Equity firms. Richard’s core focus has been risk management, technology, and strategic alliances. Richard has Wall Street experience and Japanese Banks from Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Citi-Corp, Fuji Bank, as well has worked alongside serial entrepreneurs such as Dr. ChirinjeevKathuria (MIR Corp, Planet Space) who has taken projects from developmental stages to successfully launched corporations in global markets.

Richard Victor Mahee founded of Mahvrick (his name backwards) in 2007 then launched Mahvrick Global Ventures in 2013, which owns Mahvirck Networks, Local Newspaper Alliance and over 100 local US and International online newspapers. Mahvrick Global Ventures also owns marquee brands such as: Best Dining List, Most Beautiful List and Most Powerful List. Mahvrick’s brands are on the top if not number One of Google search position within their category with hundreds of millions of searches. His expertise in strategic development and global marketing will provide Eric B Holdings, Inc. a platform for global reach into well-known media outlets to related subscribers from micro funding to consumers within entertainment and lifestyle market segmentation.

Barbara G. Duverne
Corresponding Secretary
Alex Phanord
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